Fortnite Shadow Bomb new weapon might be on the way

The latest update to Fortnite seems to be full of hints of what’s coming to the game. Data miners have found a possible new weapon called the Shadow Bomb in the game’s files.

Data miner and leaker SkinTrackerCom found hints about this Shadow Bomb in the files of the recent 8.30 update.  Specifically, it’s referenced in a string related to Fornite‘s challenges.

Challenges are something that just about every weapon and item get at some point during one of Fortnite‘s seasons. Players are typically challenged to use the specific weapon or item in question in exchange for a reward.

The challenge string alone hints to the Shadow bomb being some new item, or more likely a weapon players can use. However, in addition to the string, the leaker was also able to find an audio file related to the Shadow Bomb. The audio file sounds quite ominous, sounding like high winds during a storm or after a large explosion.

With this in mind, the Shadow Bomb is likely a new weapon coming during the remaining weeks of the Season 8 Battle Pass. As such, Shadow Bombs will likely be added to all of Fortnite‘s core modes.

The question remains of what the Shadow Bomb is. The name hints that it could be related to the Shadow Stones of old. Players could use these back in Season 6 to transform into a shadow form for 45 seconds. Shadow-formed players gained the ability to turn invisible when stationary as well as increased movement speed, jump height, fall damage immunity, and the ability to phase. Of course, this was at the cost of players not being able to use any weapons or items.

However, the fact that the new weapon is a bomb seems to hint at a more offensive use. Perhaps they create a different sort of shadow form that has all the drawbacks but none of the benefits of the old one. Either that or Shadow Bombs could create some sort of AoE buff somehow related to shadow form. Here’s hoping that Epic releases some actual information about them soon.