Guerrilla Games’ new game to have multiplayer, tournaments, and clans

Guerrilla Games’ new game is reportedly underway and it seems like it’s going to have a heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay. Guerrilla Games is a developer that is best known for the Killzone franchise and more recently the smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn. Now the company has snapped up a new Game Director who is working on an unannounced project at the Amsterdam-based studio.

According to ResetEra, a job post has popped up on careers website Greenhouse. As one might expect, this job posting is very detailed in what it requires from prospective candidates. Some of these details can be used to give us insight into what their next project will be all about.

Here are some of the relevant portions of the job posting for Guerrilla Games’ new game:

Our Online Tech

To sync multiple game clients in real time we’re using C++ and a custom UDP based protocol. For everything else we use industry-standard web technologies: Java, Tomcat and Spring. Our game communicates through REST and has a persistent HTTPS connection to receive notifications. We share as little state as possible between web instances and use Hazelcast to synchronize when needed. We use Linux on Amazon EC2 to host our servers and use other Amazon services like S3 and DynamoDB to store persistent data.


What Will You Do

• You will build a robust backend that can scale up to serve many concurrent users;

• You will work on systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans and leaderboards;


• You will work on systems to test and deploy a new server set without downtime;

• You will integrate the game servers with the PlayStation Network and other third party services

While we don’t know much about the story of Guerrilla Games’ new game, the details of the job posting tell us a lot about what we can expect. Multiple game clients will be connected into a system that will serve “many concurrent users”. Whatever the game will be, it’s going to feature tournaments, clans, and leaderboards. This unnamed title will also likely make its way to the PlayStation ecosystem. Considering the timing, it may well be a title in development for the PS5.

We don’t know much else about the Guerrilla Games’ new game, but it certainly seems like it shaping up to be an ambitious project. Whether it’s something in an established universe or something that’s a brand-new IP, it seems like Guerrilla Games are cooking up something very interesting.