God Eater 3 Switch port coming soon

God Eater 3 is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Bandai Namco dropped a new trailer announcing that the anime-inspired take on the monster hunting genre is coming to the handheld system this July.

As with the PlayStation 4 release, Switch owners in Japan will get God Eater 3 first on July 11. Western fans won’t have to wait long, however, as the western release will follow the next day on July 12.

Originally released for PlayStation 4 in December 2018 in Japan and February 2019 in the West, God Eater 3 once again has players hunting down Aragami. These violent gods have ravaged the planet, and it’s up to the God Eater force to stop them.  As part of the God Eaters, the player’s character is one of the few humans able to wield the powerful God Arc weapons.

God Eater 3 brings with it some new combat mechanics and customization options not found in its predecessors. Players can now access Burst Arts after devouring an Aragami. These special attacks add unique properties to a players moves, or can even add new moves themselves. Players can also customize them prior to battle to suit their individual play styles.

The new system plays into the God Eater franchises distinctive style of combat. Unlike rival franchise Monster HunterGod Eater emphasizes fast action and combos. In addition to this, God Eater 3 also allows players to bring NPC teammates into battle, unlike its rival.

Despite all the changes, this latest installment does not push the sub-genre as much as Monster Hunter: World. With that said, players looking for a faster paced game that doesn’t take as much time to play will find it to be a decent alternative. The fact that it can soon be played on the go is another incentive.

With its impending release on Nintendo Switch, God Eater 3 returns the franchise to its portable roots. The series got its start on Sony’s PlayStation Portable with the original God Eater. Every numbered iteration since has always launched on portable first. Now, this July, fans of the franchise can finally once again play the latest God Eater game on the go.

In the meantime, check out the new trailer.