The Pegasus Dream Tour is the first Paralympics sponsored game, built by ex-FF15 director

Hajime Tabata, the director of the divisive Final Fantasy 15, left Square Enix late last year as the work didn’t motivate him anymore. The former director has been quiet for a bit now, but we’ve finally learned some details about his new project called The Pegasus Dream Tour. In an unexpected twist, it is the first game to be sponsored by the Paralympics.

The title is coming from Tabata’s new company, JP Games. It’s the studio’s first game, and also the first ever video game officially sponsored by the Paralympics. According to an official post from Paralympic websiteThe Pegasus Dream Tour “is a completely new sports role-playing game, where players participate in a virtual Paralympic Games that takes place inside a fantasy metropolis known as Pegasus City.”

The goal with gaming is for the Paralympic Games to capture the youth. With the success of Fortnite and esports as a whole, gaming is a good way to do that. With The Pegasus Dream Tour, gamers utilize special abilities to participate in an “alternate Paralympics world that’s only possible in video games.” Also, the game will be available on “various platforms,” not excluding smartphones. Of course, The Pegasus Dream Tour will be ready by the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee, commented on the partnership.

“Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, we are eager to explore innovative ways to engage with new and younger global audiences,” he said. “We believe this game will help boost interest in the Paralympic Games and make it easier for people all over the world to enjoy and experience the heated atmosphere, passion and excitement of the event.”

Tabata had some thoughts to share as well on the mysterious title. The head claims that his new game “is not just an ordinary video game about sports.” Instead, his team will “represent fully the wonders that are unique to Paralympic sports in this brand-new role-playing game.” While not much to go on, hopefully we will find out more soon.