Super Rare Games releasing more eShop Switch games on cartridges

In the short time frame since it’s opened, Super Rare Games has pumped out some impressive physical releases for Nintendo Switch that were previously only on the digital storefront. These include games like Steredenn: Binary Stars, The Adventure Pals, and the sought-after Worms WMD. They’ve been a big hit with collectors – and apparently there’s more where that came from. Just mere days after the company released Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf in physical form, Super Rare Games has announced a slate of five more games that will release over the next few months.

Here’s the rundown of what will come to physical form for the system, likely with extras like stickers and collector’s cards:

  • Rive: Ultimate Edition: This intense tank-based shoot-em-up serves as the final title for Two Tribes Games. So it’s only fitting that Super Rare give it the physical release it deserves.
  • Toki Tori and Toki Tori 2: Fans of puzzle games and Metroidvania-style adventures will like what this little chick will offer across two game releases on one cartridge.
  • The Darkside Detective: In this unique pixel-designed adventure, would-be detectives will solve mysteries alongside Francis McQueen. Can you discover what’s been bugging the residents of Twin Lake City?
  • Earthlockz: Snow Castle Games’ magical adventure will get a physical release, enabling fans to take on a tale alongside memorable characters.
  • Wulverblade: This well-animated beat-em-up finally gets a physical release, as you guide three Nordic warriors across a bloody battlefield.

Prices and release dates aren’t available just yet, but the first title of these six should release sometime this summer. That’s after the publisher releases the final batch of Lone Wolf copies. It’s not too late to secure yours and you can go to this page for a chance to pre-order.

We’ll let you know what other titles Super Rare Games has in the pipeline for Nintendo Switch. But take note, collectors, you’ll want to jump on these. Just ask anyone trying to findLovers In a Dangerous Spacetime for a reasonable price.