Star Wars Vader Immortal trailer and details from SWCC

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is a new three-part game coming to Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift this year. Lucasfilm released a new Star Wars Vader Immortal trailer at SWCC 2019, alongside more story details and gameplay moments.

ILMxLab announced Vader Immortal alongside the Oculus Quest back in September, but now the game will be coming to the Rift as well. Players are put in the shoes of a smuggler captured by Vader and imprisoned in his citadel on Mustafar. They must break free and escape Vader’s clutches, and are joined by others imprisoned by Vader there. The trailer features a bevy of lightsaber combat, and developers have confirmed a “lightsaber dojo” to practice and play in. Vader Immortal is set sometime between Episode III and Episode IV of the Star Wars film saga.

Comedian Maya Rudolph lends her talents to ZOE3, a snarky droid companion to the player character. “Is there any version of this plan that doesn’t end up with us being dead?” ZOE3 asks the player during a sequence in their spaceship. Vader Immortal producer David S Goyer compared ZOE3 to Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO from Rogue One. The droid also bears some resemblance to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3-37 from last year’s Solo. Scott Lawrence is subbing in for James Earl Jones’ unmistakable voice as Vader.

As with all Star Wars media released since Disney bought Lucasfilm, Vader Immortal is considered canon and ties into Marvel’s Darth Vader comics. The new VR game is also tied with Secrets of the Empire, a full-body VR experience developed in collaboration with The VOID.

Vader Immortal does not have a set release date. The Oculus Quest, which the game was originally tied to, was announced for a spring 2019 release. Oculus has not solidified a release date for the all-in-one VR device, and we’re already a month into spring. ILMxLab has two more parts of the Vader Immortal trilogy to come, and we’ve yet to see anything from those episodes.

Check out the Star Wars Vader Immortal trailer below: