Persona 5 deleted content had players taking on a piracy thief

Some Persona 5 deleted content with a somewhat odd storyline has recently been discovered. The cut content refers to an unused quest internally titled as “quest31” which carries an anti-piracy message in a somewhat hammy fashion. quest31 sees the Phantom Thieves heading up against an unnamed adversary who has been discovered pirating a number of video games, and the heroes are out to take him down.

A user on ResetEra discovered the Persona 5 deleted content on The Cutting Room Floor, a wiki and website that is dedicated to cataloging and preserving cut content from video games. The Cutting Room Floor has a large amount of unused dialogue from the game of which quest31 only forms a small portion. quest31 is one of twenty unused Mementos Requests discovered by data miners.

Here are two portions of the dialogue from the quest in question:


Shut up! It’s not my fault!

It’s those money grabbing

game companies! Blame them!

Games are too expensive,

and my allowance isn’t enough…

And who cares if I download them?

Maybe I play it for free, but

if it’s a good game, I recommend

it. I’m giving back, aren’t I?



He has zero remorse.

I can’t let this go.

I’ll use a special attack on him!

A special attack on behalf of all

the creative types in the world.



I won’t do it again!

It was uncool of me to brag

about it to my friends, too.

Before I knew it, illegally

downloading games became the

biggest priority in my life…



Just erase all the games

you pirated already. Make

sure you tell your friends, too.



…OK. I’ll save up my allowance

and actually pay for games from

now on…



The Phantom Thieves forgive

you. On behalf of all the

creative types in the world.

The reason for the existence of the Persona 5 deleted content isn’t entirely clear. Some developers include anti-piracy messages just for the sake of it. However, it may also have been intended as special content that only activates when the game has been pirated; other developers have enacted similarly-weird bonus content in their games.

You can read the full text of quest31 over at The Cutting Room Floor along with other cut content from Persona 5 and other video games.