Capcom teasing a ‘new challenger’ for tomorrow

Capcom UK recently posted a tweet teasing a “special announcement” tomorrow. The tweet came with a video that offers some tantalizing hints for the announcement.

The teaser specifically has the words “Here comes a new challenger.” Longtime fans will recognize this as the message that plays in Capcom’s classic fighting games whenever someone joins in to challenge the player.

The video shows a number of classic Capcom arcade games reflected off a set of arcade buttons. This does narrow the announcement down to something related to one of the company’s classic arcade games.

The use of the classic “new challenger” call out seems to hint at the announcement being Street Fighter related. After all, that game was the first to feature it. Capcom has not yet announced anything specific regarding the DLC characters for Season 4 of Street Fighter V other than they were doing things differently from previous years. It’s possible that the upcoming announcement could be the much awaited reveal of new characters for Season 4.

However, other classic games shown in the teaser hint at more interesting possibilities. The video also shows footage of the cult favorite fighting game Darkstalkers. Fans have been clamoring for a new game in the series for some time now. Capcom hinted that one was in development at the 2012 New York Comic Con. However, the game was apparently canned this due to the Darkstalkers Resurrection retro collection under-performing. Could we finally see this project brought back to life?

The final and most tantalizing game featured in the teaser is the classic arcade game Aliens vs. Predator. Capcom was never able to bring this 1994 beat ’em up to any console.  The fact alone that Capcom was able to show footage of the game may hint at the company working something out with Fox. If this is the case, then this classic arcade game could finally be making its way home after all these years.

Whatever this “new challenger” is, Capcom will be revealing it at 3:00 PM UTC (11:00 AM Eastern) tomorrow.