Borderlands 3 poster hides some clues about the game

Gearbox recently shared a new poster for Borderlands 3 as part of a post announcing the game’s upcoming gameplay reveal next month. What makes this poster interesting is that Gearbox hid a number of clues about the game in it.

The poster features the now-familiar Borderlands psycho. Roses featuring the heads of various characters from the franchise surround him. Players will need to do a bit of sleuthing as Gearbox has hidden the clues quite well.

Luckily for those having trouble finding them, Twitter user MacroKrome was able to find them all and has subsequently shared them. Interested fans can check them out below, but players who don’t want the details to be spoiled should stop reading now.

The first clue, from the Morse Code on the left side asks about the location of “the first vault hunter.” This hints that this individual will play a significant role in Borderlands 3‘s story.

The second line of Morse Code on the right asks about the identity of the Destroyer. The Destroyer was the final boss of the first Borderlands. This clue seems to hint that there is more to than what was seen there.

The third line is a Shift Code which fans will recognize from Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Players could use these to unlock time limited offers in either game.

Meanwhile, there’s a flower that says “Sirens.” This obviously points to the powerful, tattooed females who’ve played an important part in the series’ stories. However, there are hints that they’ll play an even larger role in Borderlands 3 (Amazon link). Some of the trailer footage does seem to show Lilith (the Siren from the first Borderlands) without her tattoos.

Finally, the substitution cypher at the bottom of the poster says “We don’t speak of Sanctuary 2.” Sanctuary is the planet from the previous games. Since it’s already been revealed that Borderlands 3 takes place on multiple planets, does that mean then that Sanctuary 2 is one of these planets?

The clues in this poster raise more questions than they answer. What the answers to these questions may be is something that players will have to wait until September 13, 2019 to find out.

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