Left Alive Casual Mode update makes it more like a shooter

Left Alive Casual Mode has debuted in the game’s latest update. While discussions about easy mode have been ongoing ever since the launch of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the Casual Mode in Left Alive isn’t exactly what it sounds like. It doesn’t make the game easier insomuch as it changes the gameplay into an entirely different experience.

For those not in the know, Left Alive is more of a stealth game than anything else. While you can indeed fight enemies in open combat, it’s ill-advised, as you’re often by yourself and outnumbered by enemies with superior arms. Your best chance to progress through a level often involves complete stealth and, failing that, use of distractions to escape when a situation gets hot. Open combat isn’t the best idea and that may be disappointing for players who were hoping for a more action-oriented experience. That has now changed with the release of the Left Alive Casual Mode.

Casual Mode makes several changes to the game that make it more akin to a third-person shooter. Here are the changes as noted by the patch notes:

  • Increased attack strength – your attacks will do more damage
  • Reduced enemy damage output – enemy attacks do less damage, so you’ll be able to run and gun a little more freely than before
  • Increased ammo limit – more ammo = more shooting!
  • Heavily reduced enemy health – enemies take less damage before going down
  • Increased headshot damage and attacks from behind – hits to the head now do more damage and the effectiveness of attacks from the rear is also increased. It’s now possible to do major damage in a single hit
  • More Wanzer durability – player-controlled mechs can take more of a beating, so you can stay in them longer

Aside from the addition of the Left Alive Casual Mode, a number of other changes have gone into the game. Several balance adjustments have been made to make the game a little easier for players and some bug fixes and language tweaks have been pushed for owners of both the Steam and PS4 versions of the game. You can read the full patch notes for all the details.