World of Goo is the next free game on the Epic Games Store

World of Goo is the next free game on the Epic Games Store. It’s not available just yet, however, as the excellent Transistor is the current free title. But come May 2nd, you’ll be able to download 2D Boy’s physics-based puzzler for free.

World of Goo plays exactly like the title sounds. You spend time building vast structures out of goo to solve problems. Then, you test your creation by running some goo balls from one end to the other. For example, if faced with a big pit, you must build a sturdy bridge across it. If the balls make it over, you win! If not, try again!

Of course, each stage has challenges like finishing with as few moves or as little time as possible. There’s also a bonus mode that tasks you with building the tallest tower possible. This is a competitive segment with leaderboards and all that jazz if you’re into it. Suffice to say, you’re getting a lot of content for free here. That is, assuming you haven’t played through the game already on one of its many platforms.

world of goo bridge building

As you may know, World of Goo and Transistor are the latest iterations in Epic Games’ free monthly giveaways. With the Epic Games Store having launched in December and competing against one of the biggest digital storefronts in the world, Steam, the team is doing whatever they can to bring more people onboard. Free games are just a small part of that game plan, with exclusives and Fortnite making up the other parts.

That said, the Epic Games Store isn’t perfect. It’s still missing many features like cloud saving, achievements, and more. This lack of extra stuff is causing a bit of a divide between gamers. Some say that Epic Games Store exclusivity is anti-consumer because Steam offers more. Others are happy that someone is finally here to stand a chance against Valve. But, no matter which side you stand, don’t let your opinion stand in the way of playing World of Goo. You may regret it.