The original Burnout Paradise servers are shutting down

After 11.5 years in existence, the original Burnout Paradise servers are shutting down. No, this doesn’t affect the remastered version, but instead the one from the last generation on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. But, the fact that the original ones have been around this long is an achievement in and of itself. That said, the game will still be playable offline once online functionality goes down on August 1, according to a Tweet via developer Criterion Games.

With these features turned off, players will no longer be able to compete in online challenges and won’t have access to any specific cars that require it. So, if you’re still trying to get some achievements, you have this summer to clear them all. The 360 version of Burnout Paradise is available on Xbox’s backward compatibility for you to jump into as well.

Paradise was Burnout’s first entry into the open-world space. While this move was divisive to some, many absolutely loved it. The explorable area was vast at the time, and challenges were available at every intersection. You could chase around cars and destroy them to add them to your garage, or try to find all of the jumps on the map.

This game came out during my first foray into online play, and to this day is my favorite racing title. I’ve not found anything that hits quite like Paradise, though Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels expansion has come close. Also, did you know that Paradise was one of the first video games in which a Presidental campaign paid for advertising? That’s right, President Barack Obama’s campaign paid to feature in-game advertising in the 360 version.

Regardless, anyone looking for that Paradise itch can pick up the remastered edition. This upgrade features enhanced textures, nearly all of the DLC, and the game’s fantastic online play. I may have to go pick it up myself soon to relive the glory days.

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