Lumines Remastered Switch, PS4 physical releases incoming

Last year, Enhance Games brought back a music/rhythm/puzzle classic with Lumines Remastered, a re-release that found a great new audience. But now the Lumines Remastered Switch and PS4 versions will be getting physical releases sometime this summer courtesy of Limited Run Games.

The publisher confirmed on its Twitter account today that it will give Lumines Remastered the physical treatment. It’ll feature special packaging to go alongside its cartridge and disc formats. You can see them in the tweet below.

Pre-orders for the game will go live for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 starting on April 26. You’ll have two weeks to get your orders in, with the last day being May 10. Following that, they should publish and ship sometime in June or July. They will sell for $29.99 apiece.

If that’s not enough, there will also be a limited edition version of Lumines, complete with goodies like a vinyl soundtrack and other Tetsuya Mizuguchi-themed items. It’ll only have 1,000 units produced, so get those pre-order buttons ready if you’re so inclined.

For those that missed the original game, here’s the official description, straight from Enhance Games:

Lumines Remastered is an HD remake of the original Lumines (pronounced “lou-min-es”) that debuted in 2004 as a PlayStation Portable (PSP) launch title. Earning high praise and awards, it remained the top-rated title on the platform for four years and continued on to establish an action-puzzle series loved by millions of players. This is the franchise’s debut on a Nintendo console.

Developed by Japanese studio Resonair, Lumines Remastered brings minimalism to the puzzle genre where the fusion of light and sound sets the stage for a two-color falling block experience playable on-the-go on Nintendo Switch or at home in 4K on PC and consoles. Groove to electronic jams while strategically dropping blocks before the BPM bar sweeps combos clean after each measure. It’s a stylish game perfect to play anywhere or at anytime.”