Fortnite x Avengers Thor axe teased for upcoming Endgame event

Epic Games has continued to tease its upcoming Marvel crossover event with a Fortnite x Avengers Thor axe image on its Twitter. The campaign began yesterday, with just days to go until The Infinity Saga concludes in cinemas later this week. The image simply shows a hand (not Thor’s) wielding the Asgardian god’s current weapon of choice. The image reveals little else, simply including the famed Avengers “A” in the background and the logo for the impending event in the corner.

The Fortnite Twitter account showed an image of its take on Thor’s Stormbreaker axe. The tweet comes with the text, “Whatever it takes. 4.25.19. #ForniteXAvengers.” The first line is a quote from one of the many trailers released for Avengers Endgame ahead of its release (You can watch the full trailer below to catch the line). The second sentence marks the date the day before the dramatic conclusion hits screens in the US, lucky fans in the UK will be able to see the movie on May 25.

Epic is yet to give away what its latest Marvel crossover will entail and this Fortnite x Avengers Thor axe teaser reveals little else. The image does suggest Epic is working its way through the Avengers team with these images. Yesterday, the Fortnite Twitter account unveiled an image with the same text but showing a Fortnite character wielded Captain America’s iconic shield.

Rumors about the Fortnite x Avengers LTM began earlier this month before it was seemingly announced earlier this week with the Captain America tease. The previous crossover event was the Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet LTM which gave players the opportunity to play as an infinity gauntlet wielding Thanos in-game. Players would simply have to obtain the gauntlet and they would become Thanos. Playing as Thanos included four special abilities, including a gravity-defying super jump and using the mighty power stone for a blast attack.