Sonic 2006 fan remake tries to fix the games flaws

A group of fans have come together to try to remake the highly flawed 2006 release Sonic the Hedgehog. This Sonic 2006 fan remake attempts to recreate the game while fixing as many of its flaws as possible.

A developer named ChaosX leads the team alongside “a few friends.” The team has spent many hours  in an “incredibly huge effort” to recreate the game on Unity.

When the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog launched for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, reviewers and fans alike criticized the game for a number of things. The game felt incomplete, featuring a number of glitches and bugs. Meanwhile, its camera behaved quite erratically. To make matters worse, its level design did not make itself conducive to Sonic’s speed-based platforming..

However, the most questionable aspect of the game was its story. Player may remember Sonic actually kissing a human princess in one of the game’s more cringe worthy moments.

In terms of graphics, the fan remake captures the look of the original down to a tee. Based on the trailer the team released, the game might actually look better than the original.

Also recreated right down to a tee is the game’s questionable level design. While the fixes to numerous glitches as well as the much-improved camera help the experience overall, the levels still lack the flow of other 3D Sonic titles.

As for the story, the demo that the team has released doesn’t really touch on plot. So whether the remake will stick to this rather questionable piece of Sonic 2006‘s legacy is still unknown.

Of course, the biggest question is whether or not Sega will allow the project to continue. Similar fan projects for other games have been shut down in the past. That said, Sega has had a history of working with fan creators. Sonic Mania as well as the Retro Engine remakes of some of the Genesis Sonic games by Christian Whitehead are testament to this. Perhaps, we may actually get to see what a “fixed” Sonic 2006 game looks like.

In the meantime, check out this trailer the team has put out.