Limited Run Games E3 2019 conference promises PS Vita announcements

There will be actual PS Vita related announcements at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo. As detailed in its announcement, the Limited Run Games E3 2019 conference will have announcements of games for the Sony’s handled system.

Limited Run Games announced over Twitter that it will be holding their E3 2019 press conference on Monday, June 10, at 3 PM EST. Alongside reveals of new games, they announced that it will also be revealing their entire line up of remaining PS Vita releases.

PS Vita owners haven’t had much in the way of good news for the past few of months. Sony stopped production of the handheld at the end of last February. Prior to this, Sony’s allotment of cartridges for Limited Run Games turned out to be far fewer than expected. Because of this, Limited Run Games was forced to stall its releases for the PS Vita.

Some of the games who’s releases were stalled included SpelunkyNuclear ThroneMercenary Kings, and Iconoclasts. The announcement indicates that Limited Run Games acquired enough Vita cartridges to complete their releases. Aside from the Vita releases, Limited Run Games also seems to be promising releases for other platforms.

Players, especially those who prefer physical media, have come to appreciate the efforts of Limited Run Games. The company provides players and developers an avenue for physical releases for games that would normally not see them.

Its efforts have also helped get releases on platforms that other publishers may see as risky such as the PS Vita. Without Limited Run Games, PS Vita owners might not get to see releases of these games at all, let alone physical ones.

With the promise of Vita news in the Limited Run Games E3 2019 conference, owners of the dwindling Sony handheld system now have something to look forward to in this June’s conference.