Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sales beat out Dark Souls 3 during launch

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sales beat out Dark Souls 3, developer From Software’s previous effort. This is especially notable considering Dark Souls 3 is a sequel and Sekiro is a new IP. Overall, Sekiro sold 1.4 million digitally on PC and console, with Dark Souls 3 only hitting 1.2 million. The former released last month, with the latter coming out in April 2016.

This news comes to us via SuperData and reported by, and that report provides some interesting tidbits on March in the games industry. For example, revenue from Fortnite grew 7% year-over-year during this month. However, Epic Games’ phenomenon is unlikely to top the growth from last summer.

Revenue for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege saw a 20% drop. This is interesting, considering in-game spending went up by 43% on all platforms from February to March. Also, Siege just came out with a “Year Four” content release, which didn’t boost numbers as well as one would hope. Moreover, SuperData estimates that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brought in $67 million from in-game transactions alone during Q1. The group believes most revenues came from its $25 season pass.

Overall, the top earning games in the PC, Console, and Mobile categories were Dungeon Fighter Online, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and Perfect World, respectively. Somehow, Fortnite didn’t make the top 10 mobile games. The title was in the top five on the other two platforms, however.

Sekiro was well received by fans and critics alike. Our review calls it “a great game” despite some issues with the boss fights. Also, it requires Souls fans to rewire their brains a little bit. The game is much more action-oriented than the Souls franchise, with it rewarding fast attacks and perfect parries. Speaking of which, check out our guide on From Software’s best games ever. We’ve also detailed how Sekiro differs from Bloodborne and the Souls games.