A smaller Nintendo Switch may release in June

Nintendo usually has big plans in store when it comes to its Electronic Entertainment Expo showcase, and this year’s big surprise might be a smaller Switch redesign. Bloomberg recently reported that the company’s shares have rallied with its potential entry into the Chinese game market. It’s set to make them some big bucks if things go according to plan. But it’s a little later in the article where things get interesting – particularly with new Nintendo Switch models.

These smaller models have been rumored for some time, and based on this report, a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch could arrive as soon as June. That’s a lot faster than the predicted holiday window we’ve heard in the past.

Bloomberg spoke with two people related to the project, who requested anonymity. They noted that the system is “likely” to launch in summer to drum up attention to the company’s second half of game releases. That’s not all. Apparently the existing Nintendo Switch model could see a “modest upgrade” sometime this year. Now, that’s not automatically a more powerful version, but it could be an all-in-one unit to bring down cost.

Nintendo hasn’t acknowledged that there are any new models, so they remain as rumors for the time being. However, June would be a perfect month for the Switch remodel for two reasons. The first is E3, since it would be a great little surprise announcement for fans that want to snag one.  Another is Super Mario Maker 2, which will come out sometime in June. There’s a good chance Nintendo could bundle that in as part of an introductory deal. It’d certainly sweeten it.

Alas, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what Nintendo has in the cards. Something tells us we’re in for some sweet announcements. Hopefully, Metroid Prime Trilogy is in there somewhere.