Persona 5 Scramble leak shows a different kind of gameplay

A purported Persona 5 Scramble leak has popped up online and it’s showing us a very different kind of gameplay. A new Persona 5 game is expected to be announced soon and an image rumored to be from this new game has a surprising twist: it seems like it will be in an entirely different genre than we might have expected.

In the above image, we can see one of the game’s characters swinging an attack and knocking away waves of enemies. Three distinct types of enemies are visible on the screen. What’s truly surprising is that this appears to be a different style of gameplay than what we’ve seen from Persona in the past. It seems like this is going to be a musou style of games like the Dynasty Warriors franchise, where players will swipe away large groups of enemies.

The reported leak first popped up on Reddit’s /r/PERSoNA subreddit. The comments show a mix of surprise, disappointment, and elation from the Redditors in the thread. As the core Persona titles are role-playing games, a measure of disappointment from some fans is sure to be expected. However, just as many fans seem excited about the prospects of what we see in the Persona 5 Scramble leak.

As always, one must consider that it’s entirely possible for the Persona 5 Scramble leak to be a fake image. A genre shift certainly wouldn’t be new for Atlus — just look at the Persona dancing games — but a single image like this can and has been created by talented artists looking to have a laugh at the gaming world’s expense. We can’t say much about this upcoming game other than that it’s rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS4; hopefully, we’ll be finding out more concrete details about Persona 5 Scramble sooner rather than later.

[Image Credit: /u/PracticalBrush12 on Reddit]