Angry Birds 2 is still Rovio’s top performer

Remember when Angry Birds was a thing? Apparently it still is. According to developer Rovio’s recent earnings report, Angry Birds 2 revenue is still higher than anything else the company has put out. This is even beating out Angry Birds Dream Blast from earlier this year.

Regarding its five current titles, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Match, Angry Birds Pop, Angry Birds Dream Blast, and Angry Birds 2, the latter has held onto its player base and brought in consistent income since its launch over four years ago. All by itself, Angry Birds 2 earned $35.6 million in Quarter 1 of 2019 alone. This is significantly higher than its second-best game, Friends, which hit around $8 million. Then, Dream Blast, which launched this quarter, came right behind Friends at $7.7 million. However, one should note that Rovio’s other games brought in a combined $10.8 million.

Overall, Rovio’s Q1 2019 is up $65.2 million year-over-year, or a 12.3% increase. Also, to this day, Angry Birds 2 has brought in $317.4 million and has even grown 48% year-over-year. And, the five games mentioned above have been able to maintain a player base while keeping unique players coming in. This is quite fascinating considering how far the games industry has moved since the launch of the IP. Moreover, it’s worth noting that players who left any older titles have come back for Dream Blast. This makes that January release a worthy one.

Rovio as a company boosted its revenue by 7.8 since last year, hitting a total of $78.9 million. $73.8 million of that was games revenue. Conversely, Rovio’s brand went down a little over half due to the Angry Birds movie performing quite poorly. In numbers, that’s a $5.1 million drop year-over-year.

While I knew there were new Angry Birds titles releasing, I had no idea they were still bringing in so much money. The fact that Rovio has been able to keep up a player base for so long is fantastic news. It seems that now they’re gearing up for a sequel to the movie, and are working on a new VR title. But, who knows if we’ll see another traditional Angry Birds in the near future.