Angry Birds supports kink at Pride, according to Twitter

Angry Birds Pride tweet was trending on Twitter today, as fans unearthed their previous post supporting Pride Month. This tweet is now being used as evidence that the irate fowl are in support of “kink at Pride,” following plenty of discourse surrounding whether or not it should be allowed during Pride Month celebrations.

The tweet from 2018 wished fans a “happy Pride” alongside them was an image of a classic Angry Birds character, albeit clad in leather. With Pride Month underway now, Twitter users unearthed the old tweet as part of the ongoing discussion regarding whether or not kink should be allowed during Pride marches and celebrations. As fans are attesting, Angry Birds is clearly in support of that being the case.

Why is Angry Birds Pride trending on Twitter?

Eagle in Angry Birds

The original tweets are from June 2018, marking Pride by editing Angry Birds characters into leather suits, chains, and a handlebar mustache. As Pride Month 2021 takes place this June, these tweets are trending once more, with fans appreciating the franchise’s support for LBGTQ+ representation.

The main trending image is of the Eagle, looking into the distance with a pout on his face and a faux police uniform. His usually gruff appearance has been swapped for a heart-shaped tattoo in his fur. Similarly, he wears reflective sunglasses and a mullet-type hairstyle, encapsulating the fun of Pride. Fans have reacted to this image of Angry Birds’ “leather daddy” appropriately:

Each year, it is debated whether or not kink and fetish-wear should have a place at Pride celebrations. The Independent published a piece claiming that “BDSM and kink don’t belong” at Pride, noting: “A man holding hands with his husband is not the same as a man holding his “pup’s” leash as he leads him around on all fours, clad in leather and wearing a gimp mask.”

However, Twitter users in support of kink at Pride have rallied around Angry Birds’ leathery Eagle as an unofficial mascot of their point of view, calling the character a “role model.”

The official Angry Birds Twitter account has yet to post in support of Pride this year. The original 2018 tweet was in promotion of Angry Birds Revolution, an RPG-based spin-off of the series, that launched for mobile devices in 2017.

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