Death Stranding multiplayer gameplay teased by HIdeo Kojima

Death Stranding multiplayer seems to have been teased by Hideo Kojima at the Tribeca Film Festival. Kojima and Death Stranding star Norman Reedus appeared on a panel at the film festival to talk about the mysterious upcoming game from Kojima Productions. The conversation included some pretty juicy tidbits about the possibility of Death Stranding multiplayer and a secret area in the game.

Kojima stated that Death Stranding is an open-world action game that will also feature “something really new” as reported by GamesRadar. Hideo Kojima is well known for making games with strange plots interwoven into all aspects of the game, so his idea of “something really new” is sure to raise some eyebrows. “The player will have to reconnect the world in the game,” he said. “You’re very alone, there’s solitude, but you’re trying to connect. The story and the gameplay, the key word is ‘connection.’  There are so many things in-between, of course, but the key is connection.”

“You’re connecting the game, and everyone is playing it together, and you’ll be connected, everyone will be connected together as well,” Kojima continued. “I can’t say anything because Sony will be very unhappy. I don’t want to be disconnected from Sony.”

Aside from the hints about multiplayer, a secret area of the game was hinted at. Supposedly, players will be able to control a camera and look at other people from an outside perspective. A point was made to say that either Norman or Sam would wink at the camera if you happened to look at it. It seems a little weird out of the full context, but hey, that’s par for the course with Hideo Kojima.

Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima’s comments on Death Stranding multiplayer are somewhat vague. We may have a true multiplayer component with multiple people crossing paths in the game. The description could also fit the bill for a different kind of system like the messages that players can leave behind in Dark Souls. Somehow, I have the feeling that we won’t truly know what the game is all about until we actually sit down and play it.