The Avengers are coming to Marvel Strike Force

You can now build an Avengers Strike Force team in the turn-based RPG Marvel Strike Force. While some of the main Avengers characters are in the game already, this update brings in Falcon alongside a few new changes.

Falcon is a playable character who comes with his signature Blaster. This weapon is great for the Alliance War game mode and has its own set of bonus attacks. His abilities consist of Dual SMGs, a Strafing Run, and, of course, his Wingsuit as a passive ability. Each of these skills are even stronger if the enemy has an active positive effect, too.

Moreover, the introduction of Falcon is also an introduction to the Power Armor trait and team. This team “specializes in War offense and can bring the fight any team in a Helicarrier.” Iron Man and War Machine will also receive the Power Armor trait. Falcon also has his own Event Campaign which requires a high-leveled Tech team. If done properly, you can bring the hero onto your team for good as a playable character. The event starts on April 30.

falcon fighting marvel strike force

Alongside Falcon, most of Hulk’s abilities will receive changes. Smash, Rage, Leap, and Always Angry are all seeing adjustments, and the character is now faster with more health as well. Hulk is getting an upgraded look, too. Additionally, War Machine’s passive is now a little more powerful.

Finally, all of the Wave 1 Avengers will now have the “Avenger – Wave 1” trait. While we don’t know what this does just yet, it applies to the first Avengers: Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Iron Man.

Falcon is only the start of this new wave of Avengers updates. It seems that more heroes will be coming to the game in due time. Of course, these themed events come alongside extra changes and balance tweaks. This upcoming update features a set of those as well, and a few new features like Rank Leaderboards for Alliance Milestone events.