Ace Combat 7 DLC adds sci-fi planes from previous games

While Ace Combat focuses mostly on real-world fighter jets, the series hasn’t shied away from fictional ones in the past. It’s these fighters that are the focus of the three upcoming Ace Combat 7 DLC packs.

Each of these DLC packs will add one original fighter jet. These jets all feature slightly more futuristic, sci-fi inspirationwhen compared to the real-world planes in the game. Two of them also come from previous Ace Combat games.

The first of these DLC packs comes out on May 22. It brings with it the ADF-11 Raven that players originally encountered in the mission “Dark Blue” in Ace Combat 7. Additionally, the pack will also add the UAV special weapon.

When it arrives on June 26, DLC pack number two will bring with it one of the series’ oldest fictional designs. The ADF-01 Falken first appeared in Ace Combat 2, representing the first ever fictional jet in an Ace Combat game. However, it’s not the first that was playable – that would be Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere‘s R-101 Delphinus. The Falken was eventually made playable in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. In addition to this, the pack also adds the FAEB  or “Fuel Air Explosive Bomb” as a special weapon.

The third DLC pack arrives on July 31. The fictional jet in this is the ADFX-01 Morgan from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Veterans will remember this for the awkward looking Tactical Laser System it sometimes carried on its back. Sadly, the TLS isn’t the special weapon coming with the Morgan. Rather, players will instead get the Multi-Purpose Burst Missile, or MPBM for short.

All three DLC packs are available as part of Ace Combat 7‘s season pass. Of course, players will also be able to buy them separately. Those who purchased the season pass however will also gain access to an exclusive in-game music player.