Minecraft Village and Pillage update causes bugs with villagers

Players are reporting some rather disturbing looking bugs with the Minecraft Village and Pillage update. The update apparently causes villagers to act in strange and unintended ways.

As the name states, Village and Pillage provides a number of changes to Minecraft‘s villagers and mobs. However, players on Reddit have been reporting that the villagers have been exhibiting some buggy, and even creepy behavior not outlined in the update’s patch notes.

For some reason, the update made villagers no longer care about the player’s personal property. Villagers will enter into players houses and gardens and treat them as if they were theirs. This includes the rather awkward situation where villagers will start breeding in players homes.

Not even players’ bedrooms are safe from the giltchy villager behavior. Villager children will invade player’s bedrooms and start jumping up and down on their beds. Of course, anyone who’s lived with kids probably doesn’t find this strange. What is strange, however, is that villagers will simply sleep in players beds.

This last bit leads to some of the creepier aspects of this glitch. First, villagers don’t actually close their eyes when they sleep. Now this probably isn’t a glitch, the developers likely never meant players to see villagers sleeping. What is a glitch, and a rather disturbing one at that, is that the villagers’s heads will sometimes be disconnected from their body, floating in the air as they sleep.

For villagers sleeping in their beds, players have resorted to using a fishing rod to “fish” them out of the bed. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s a creepy villager sleeping with their eyes open in a players house, but at least they can use their bed. Another solution is to simply build stairs to keep villagers out of a house. The villagers have trouble with stairs, so they end up simply bumping into them all night. It’s still creepy, but better than having a villager and their floating head sleeping in a players bed.