Team Sonic Racing won’t have unique Switch features

Team Sonic Racing is the latest in the fantastic racing series featuring the speedy blue hedgehog. It contains a story mode, team racing, and some other elements that make it stand out from its prequels. However, one notable thing is that unlike a lot of other titles, there will be no exclusive Team Sonic Racing Switch features.

In an interview with Australian gaming publication VooksTeam Sonic Racing producer Takashi Iizuka reveals that he and developer Sumo Digital want to provide “the same experience to any users. Therefore, there are no Switch specific features” in the game. Of course, Switch gamers already have the ability to bring the game wherever they’d prefer. That’s a pretty big plus if you ask me. However, Iizuka does point out that there’s no form of online voice chat within the Switch version.

Otherwise, it’s great that all platforms will get the same content. This choice also stays true to the new design decision in that Team Sonic Racing will sit within Sonic’s universe. Unlike its predecessor, All Stars Racing Transformed, this title won’t have characters from other Sega properties. Instead, everything here is from Sonic’s world. Iizuka wants to give players “the ability to explore the wider Sonic universe on new tracks and race as characters like Big the Cat and Chao.”

That’s not to mention Team Sonic Racing’s new story mode. It’s not only for long-time fans but for “anyone who has never played a Sonic game to be able to play through and get introduced to the characters and world.” This way, nobody on one platform will receive more story than another player. Everyone can experience it as a whole.

Of course, we hope that Team Sonic Racing can deliver on its promises. After the lackluster Sonic Forces and the movie trailer that dropped today, the character could use some positive press. That and we’ve got the Crash Team Racing revival coming soon as well.