Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal stream shows more of the same shootin’ and lootin’ we all love

Today, Gearbox took to the stage to finally release some gameplay for their upcoming title Borderlands 3The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal is an hour-long event that promises players an in-depth look at the game. Players were able to finally get a good look at Borderlands 3 and now have a better idea of what to expect. Below, is a recap fo the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal.

Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal

Borderlands 3 Game Reveal Claptrap

2K Games said that they aimed to create a game that was fresh, but familiar to the unique Borderlands art style. The game, in part, will feature the Children of the Vault, which is a new cult in Borderlands 3. The livestream revealed that the game will start off like most other games, making players familiar with the mechanics of the game such as player customization, sliding mechanics, and more. Claptrap will lead players through the tutorial area, providing plenty of humorous comments along the way.

Players are then introduced to the guns in the game, which includes alternate firing mode. This means that they can fire regular bullets and things like micro missiles, allowing players to have a little bit of variety. If a player maximizes all of the alternate firing modes, they will have twice the guns available to them that they started with.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Shiv Miniboss

The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal also showed a traditional looting system that offers players multiple options for their weapon of choice. Additionally, things like shields, grenades, and ammo are also available in hidden spots throughout the world.

It won’t take players long to reach the first mini-boss in the game- Shiv. He is a level two boss that probably won’t give players much trouble, but will provide a chance to test out the game mechanics. It is also worth noting that players will be able to pick up gear instantly after defeating a boss. They won’t have to wait to get rewarded but will be rewarded right away. It was also revealed that players will be able to revive NPCs and in turn, NPC’s can revive you.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal | Skills

The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal showed off a couple of different skills that are going to be available in the game. First up, is Digi-Clone which acts as a decoy and can shoot guns at enemies, while allowing you to teleport back to it when necessary. Next is the SNTNL which is a drone that will fly over enemies and shoots them and drop grenades on them. The Barrier skill blocks incoming bullets as well as has the ability to heal your team. Some characters will also be able to use two action skills at one time, like Zane.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal | Loot

Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece

For players concerned about loot, Gearbox is adding an instanced loot feature to Borderlands 3. When enabled, players will not compete for loot. Instead, everyone will be able to pick up the same bits of loot that enemies drop.

Well, not exactly the same. Instance loot is also balanced to the level of the players that are picking it up. The reveal showed a level 5 Amara looking at weapons matched to her. When they switched to the view of a co-op partner playing a level 25 Zane however, the same weapons were matched to his level.

That said, some players may actually not want this. For them, Gearbox has included a “classic mode” where players will still compete for loot. In addition to this, Gearbox has added a system that lets players recover lost loot. This new vending machine seems to exist in the player’s spaceship. Vault Hunters can use to to buy any loot that they may have forgotten to pick up.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal | Sanctuary 3 and other planets

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Sanctuary 3

Also, yes, Borderlands 3 has a spaceship. Called the Sanctuary 3 (they don’t talk about Sanctuary 2), the spacecraft is how players will travel in between the multiple planets in Borderlands 3. It also functions as a hub, similar to the hub towns from previous games.

The Sanctuary 3 spaceship will serve as the home base for players while traveling between worlds. The Sanctuary 3 spaceship will take players all across the galaxy in search for various vaults that are revealed through Vault Maps. The Sanctuary 3 is a place for players to meet up with friends between missions, prepare loot, and more.

Additionally, there will be a ‘lost loot’ vending machine, that will supply players with any loot that they may have left behind because they either didn’t see it or didn’t have room for it. Players will also be able to visit different vendors. For example, Marcus Munitions will serve as the vendor for upgrades to players storage deck which will allow players to carry more loot and ammo.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Moxxi

Another place to visit on the Sanctuary 3 space ship is Moxxxi’s bar, which has a bar and the traditional Borderlands vending machines. Additionally, mad doctor Tannis also returns in the ship’s infirmary, shown coming out of some baddie’s corpse. Hammerlocks is also a place you can visit on the Sanctuary 3, which is a trophy room where track your different accomplishments. You can also view all of the different vehicles you have collected as well as visit stowaways.

The Bridge will let players leave the Pandoran system for the first time. The Bridge will allow you to travel to all of the different worlds available in Borderlands 3.

Promethea represents the first planet outside of Pandora shown in the series. Unlike the latter, Promethea seems to be a much more developed, urbanized planet. The mission shown had players caught between a battle between Atlas Corp. and Maliwan as the latter attempts a literal hostile takeover of the former. Skyscrapers with neon lights combine with brightly colored with laser fire to create a very sleek, high-end sci-fi look for Promethea that contrasts nicely with Pandora’s rusty, run-down aesthetic.