Epic Games buys Psyonix bringing Rocket League under its banner

Epic Games has announced the acquisition of Psyonix, the developer behind the car soccer phenomenon Rocket League. Psyonix will continue to develop Rocket League after its integration into the Epic corporate structure.

Psyonix has worked closely with Epic Games for years, so the move isn’t a shock. Psyonix previously worked with Epic on Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. Rocket League uses Unreal Engine 3, and given the success of the game, it’s no surprise that Epic would be interested in bringing them into the fold.

“We’ve been working closely with Epic since the early days of Unreal Tournament, and we’ve survived changing tides as partners, so combining forces makes sense in many ways,” said Psyonix Founder and Studio Director Dave Hagewood. Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney returned the sentiment by saying “Psyonix has always been a part of the Epic family, and we’re happy to make it official. We have great respect for how Psyonix has built an excellent team and an incredible community around Rocket League.”

As far as has been announced, Psyonix’s 132 person studio located in San Diego will remain unchanged by the acquisition. The deal is expected to close by the end of May or early June.

Of course, with Epic Games buying Psyonix, the future of Rocket League, specifically where you’ll be able to buy it, is in question. The announcement of the acquisition included details on which digital storefronts would carry Rocket League. It will continue to be available for purchase on Steam until late 2019. After that, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. However, anyone who bought the game on Steam after that point will still be able to download it and will receive the same support and updates.

With Rocket League in its pocket, Epic Games will have two giant games on its hands. What this means for Fortnite or Rocket League is in the air.