Star Citizen Free Fly promotion grants free alpha access for a week

The Star Citizen Free Fly promotion is underway, giving gamers an opportunity to play one of the most ambitious space combat games ever completely for free. Star Citizen is a game that typically has to be paid for like any other and it also offers several premium options for players who want to get a bit of a head start. Now, you can bypass all of that hassle and see what the fuss is all about without spending a penny.

Participating in the Star Citizen Free Fly promotion is a relatively simple affair. Firstly, players must create a free account over at the game’s official website. Next, you have to enter the promotional code GETINTOTHEVERSE after you’ve signed up. After that, you can download the game and get right to playing!

While you will be able to play the game for free, you won’t exactly be getting a vanilla experience, either. Typically, a purchased copy of the game gives you a starter ship. The Free Fly promotion will instead grant access to five separate vehicles, each of which has its own specializations. Here are the five ships you can fly during the promotion along with their descriptions from the game’s website:

  • Dragonfly Black (Competition): The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect personal transport for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! Dual-mode conversion allows the Dragonfly to operate on the ground or in space and a rear-facing second seat means you can even take a passenger! Explore alien moons over land and air.
  • Arrow (Combat): Unmatched design, blazing top speed, and an ultra-responsive chassis make the Arrow the most agile scrapper in its class. A robust weapons package provides firepower to spare too. This is truly the classic light fighter updated for the next generation of combat.
  • Avenger Titan (Transport): The Titan’s hold is specially configured to carry cargo. Couple that with the Avenger’s tried and true combat ability and you’ve got a light cargo hauler that’s more than capable of handling itself in a fight. Fight, haul, and explore.
  • Cutlass Black (Multi): Drake Interplanetary claims that the Cutlass Black is a low-cost, easy-to-maintain solution for local in-system militia. The larger-than-average cargo hold, RIO seat, and dedicated tractor mount are, the company literature insists, for facilitating search and rescue operations. Play both sides of the law.
  • Prospector (Industrial): For years, the Prospector has been the universe’s preferred mining vessel for solo operators. Featuring MISC’s sleek design sensibility and a bevy of upgraded high-tech mining tools, the 2947 Prospector perfectly balances form and functionality. Mine moonscapes for valuable resources.

If you’re like to try out the Star Citizen Free Fly promotion, you have a little less than a week to hop on board. Create an account and enter the required code over at the game’s official website. The Free Fly promotion is running now and will end on May 8, 2019.