New Life is Strange trailer ahead of Season 2 Episode 3 launch

The third episode of Life is Strange Season Two is set to release next week on May 9. In anticipation for the third installment in the season, a new Life is Strange trailer has been released. The trailer, which can be seen below, continues to follow the Diaz brothers as they learn how to use their powers while traveling to Mexico.

The new Life is Strange trailer shows the Diaz brothers working on an illegal farm in order to gather up enough money to start their new life. They are reunited with Cassidy and Finn, but is that enough to keep the brothers from splitting apart?

This is the third episode of five in the second season if Life is Strange. Episode four is expected to release on August 22 and the fifth and final episode is expected to release on December 3. It has not been announced yet if Life is Strange will return for a third season, or if this current season will wrap up the series.

Life is Strange Season Two follows the Diaz brothers, who are on the run after a freak accident leaves their father and a police officer dead and the brothers wanted by the law. Sean and his brother Daniel decide to head to Puerto Lobos, their father’s home town in Mexico. Throughout their journey, Sean helps Daniel learn how to use his unique powers and the brothers make new friends along the way. Will the brothers make it to their father’s hometown? Or will they get caught before they can make it back?

Life is Strange is a story-based game that gives players various decisions to make at different points, with each having the power to drastically affect their journey through the season. The first episode of Life is Strange Season Two released back in September 2018, and new episodes have been releasing every few months.