Facebook update changes video rankings and removes inauthentic Russian accounts

Facebook has announced updates to its video ranking systems as well as changes in its security to prevent inauthentic Russian accounts from being created on its social platforms. These Facebook updates aim to help video developers get their content seen as well as prevent fake accounts and pages from being created. Keep reading for a closer look at the latest Facebook update.

The first thing the Facebook update addresses are changes to how videos are ranked. Videos will now have a reinforced focus on three important things: loyalty and intent, video and viewing duration, and originality. The Facebook update will add increased value to having users seek out a video and return to it at a later date.

Additionally, Facebook is going to show more love to the videos that retain users for at least a minute, especially videos that are at least three minutes long. Finally, the Facebook update is going to be cracking down on unoriginal and repurposed content, making them less desirable in the algorithm.

These changes aim to benefit both video developers and Facebook users. For developers, publishing these new standards will help them create videos that will receive more support from the Facebook algorithm. Developers no longer have to guess at what Facebook is looking for in a video. For Facebook users, this means that you won’t have to see the same dog video every single day on your feed.

The second part of the Facebook update has more to do with the security side of things. Facebook revealed that it has found and deleted over 100 Facebook accounts, pages, and groups that were involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior. These accounts were misleading others by creating fake accounts to misrepresent themselves to others. Facebook says that battling inauthentic accounts is an ongoing battle, but something that they are committed to constantly improving and monitoring closely.