Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu crossover brings special raid battles and adorable photobombs

Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu crossover is now underway and will continue for a little over a week. Pokemon fans are no stranger to crossover events and the upcoming release of the Detective Pikachu film is as good an opportunity as any for special promotions. Trainers are now able to purchase new clothing, perform special field research, and get a chance at catching a special kind of Pikachu.

Let’s get to the big question about the Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu crossover: can you capture a Detective Pikachu? Yes, you can, but it’s a little complicated to pull it off. You may get photobombed by a Pikachu donning a detective hat while making use of the game’s GO Snapshot feature. You’ll then have the opportunity to capture the adorable little rascal. If you’re just looking for cosmetic swag, you can swing on over to the Style Shop to get a new hat or t-shirt featuring imagery from the movie.

Several temporary changes are being made for the duration of the Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu event. The spawn rates for Pokemon have been adjusted so that you’re much more likely to see creatures that appear in the movie which is set to premiere on May 10, 2019. You may also have the opportunity to catch yourself a Shiny Aipom according to a press release about the crossover event, although the details of how to get it are unfortunately not specified.

A number of different raid battles and special field research can also be taken on by players who want to make the most of the event. If you’re not after any of these special goodies, there’s one last thing worth mentioning: XP is doubled for the duration of this event. You’ll be able to participate in the Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu crossover from May 7, 2019, at 4:00 PM EST–May 17, 2019, at 4:00 PM EST.