PS4 EA Access release date and pricing announced

EA has announced that its EA Access service is coming to the Sony PlayStation 4. Alongside this announcement, the company also revealed when players can expect PS4 EA Access to arrive and how much it will cost.

Already available on the Xbox One and PC as Origin Access, EA Access on the PlayStation 4 will give subscribers access to what EA calls”the Vault.” This contains full versions of a select number of EA’s games that subscribers gain unlimited access to.

Additionally, subscribers gain access to “Play First Trials,” where players can play the first 10 hours of most of EA’s new releases. Finally, subscribers can make use of a 10% discount when purchasing any games not included in the Vault. This includes expansions, in-game items, and more.

As revealed in the the announcement, PlayStation 4 owners can subscribe to the service starting now, with access to these games starting this July. A monthly subscription to EA Access on PlayStation 4 will cost $4.99, while an annual subscription goes for $29.99.

“As we continue to invest in digital and subscription services, bringing great games to even more players across more platforms is an exciting opportunity for everyone,” states EA’s Executive VP of Strategic Growth Matt Bilbey. “Our goal is to give players more choice to try and play our games wherever and however they choose, and we’re happy to bring EA Access to PlayStation 4.”

As for specific games, EA did not mention which ones were being added the Vault for the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One version of the service notably includes a number of backwards compatible Xbox 360 and even Xbox titles. However, it’s highly unlikely that PS4 EA Access will include PlayStation 3 games due to the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility.

Sony had previously passed up offering EA Access on the PS4 after the company perceived it as not being of good value. Indeed, Sony’s own PlayStation Now made more money than EA Access and Xbox Game Pass in 2018. Having EA Access on PlayStation 4 may be EA’s attempt to change that. Whatever the case, the service is now available on more platforms than its rivals.