Devil May Cry Switch port is an eShop exclusive

The Nintendo Switch eShop will be the only place where players can purchase the Devil May Cry Switch port. Capcom has confirmed that the port of the PS2 classic will not be receiving a physical release.

This information comes via the newly opened worldwide website for the re-released game. “This product is only available as a download,” states the site. “There are no plans to release a physical edition.” This exclusivity applies to all regions. Players in Japan, Europe, and North America will all have to buy the game via the Nitnendo Switch eShop.

While players may find the lack of a physical release disappointing, it could possibly come with some benefits. Most eShop exclusives sell for a lower price compared to full retail games. Titles such as Rocket League, Stardew Valley, and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove can be had for less than $25 for each.

As such, this digital exclusivity may hint at how much Capcom will be selling the game for. After all, having Capcom charging full price for a re-release of a PlayStation 2 game from 2001 would be seen as unreasonable. Additionally, charging higher for Devil May Cry may bring unfavorable comparisons to the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which bundles together all three PlayStation 2 releases for players on other consoles. That said, Capcom has yet to announced how much it intends to sell the Devil May Cry Switch re-release for.

In addition to the eShop exclusivity, the website also shows some screenshots of the Devil May Cry Switch port. The game seems to look just like the original PlayStation 2 version, using the same art assets from 2001. Only the aspect ratio and resolution have changed. The game now displayed in 16:9 widescreen, and is rendered at a higher resolution when compared to the PS2 original.

It seems then that when Devil May Cry hits the Nintendo Switch eShop this Summer, it’ll mostly be a straight port of the original PlayStation 2 version. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t cost as much as a full retail release.