Code Vein network test sign ups open for prospective anime vampires

Bandai Namco has some great news for any prospective vampires out there. The company has recently opened sign ups for the Code Vein network test, giving players the chance to help speed up stress testing ahead of the game’s release.

The company made the announcement over on Twitter. While there’s no exact release date for the upcoming network test just yet, interested players on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can at least sign up for a chance to be included.

Given that the test is specifically for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, players on PC are sadly out of luck. While it’s unfortunate, it’s not exactly surprising, as Bandai Namco as well as a few other companies tend to avoid holding these kinds of tests of PC. They usually do this in order to prevent data miners from looking at the files on the test build.

The Code Vein network test will let players try out the game’s first chapter. Bandai Namco recently let people try this same chapter out at a preview event, and our own preview of the game emphasized how bringing in an AI partner formed a big part of what makes Code Vein different from the Souls-type games it takes inspiration from. For the purposes of this test, however, it’s likely that players will instead get to play cooperatively with others instead of relying on an AI partner.

For those not familiar with the title, Code Vein is Bandai Namco’s latest Soulsborne-style game. Unlike the Gothic aesthetic of From Software’s Dark Souls games, Code Vein instead takes on a more post-apocalyptic, anime-inspired look, except with vampires. In a way, it’s similar take to what Bandai’s God Eater series did for the Monster Hunter formula. This isn’t surprising considering that many of the people who worked on the former series are now involved with Code Vein.

Just like the network test, the retail release of Code Vein has yet to be given a date. That said, Bandai Namco has already delayed the game once before. Here’s hoping that the network test means that the game will be releasing sooner rather than later.