Ninja Gaiden arcade Switch version coming tomorrow

Good news, Ninja Gaiden fans. You’re finally going to get a dose of goodness from the series on Nintendo Switch tomorrow. Well, aside from the original NES release on Nintendo Switch Online, that is. However, it may not be the game you’re expecting as it is the Ninja Gaiden arcade Switch version. It’ll go for $7.99 tomorrow, and is the latest in the company’s line of Arcade Archives releases.

The original arcade game came out around the same time as the first NES game, in 1989. In it, you can play one or two ninja as you battle against enemies in a beat ’em up format. The game has seen translations on home systems before, but the Nintendo Switch is a big step.

Here’s a quick description of the game, straight from Hamster:

NINJA GAIDEN is an action game released by Tecmo Co., Ltd. in 1989. Play as a ninja using the Five Ninja Fighting Arts passed on from the chaotic times of feudal Japan, as you take out an assassin organization through the horrifying stage “Jungle,” an American city. Perform a Phoenix Backflip off of obstacles or walls to land behind enemies and then defeat them with a Triple Blow Combination or Flying Neck Throw.”

Although it’s not as exciting as, say, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on the Wii U, this game has some notable history behind it. And, like Double Dragon before it, it will be good for some quick beat ’em up thrills.

Hopefully this means we’ll see more Tecmo arcade classics in the months ahead. Tecmo Bowl’s arcade version immediately comes to mind, due to the popularity of that franchise. But Silk Worm might not be a bad choice either either. In the meantime, you can check out the original Rygar, which is available right now for just $8 on the Switch.