Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Day trailer celebrates its newest DLC fighter

Bandai Namco’s new Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Day trailer celebrates the game’s newest DLC character. Kid Goku (GT), from the controversial Dragon Ball GT joins the tag team fighters cast.

For those not familiar with the Japanese language, “Goku day” actually comes from the fact that today is May 9, or “5/9.” In Japanese, these two numbers can be read out as “go” (ご) and “ku”(く), which of course spells out Goku.

Kid Goku (GT) comes from the divisive 1996 anime Dragon Ball GT. Toei made the series with minimal input from series creator Akira Toriyama. As part of this, GT moved away from the hardcore shonen battle anime format of Dragon Ball Z, disappointing many fans. Despite this, a number of series followers have eventually warmed up to it, or at least to some of the elements it added to the series.

As the story of GT goes, classic series villain King Pilaf wished Goku back into being a child, resulting in the character seen here. Despite his small size, Goku still retains his impressive fighting skills. He also eventually gains a new transformation, called Super Saiyan 4, that he has access to in the game.

All history aside, the Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Day trailer itself doesn’t really dwell much over Goku’s predicament in Dragon Ball GT. Instead, it focuses on Goku as a whole, going over his various battles throughout Dragon Ball Z and GT. Along the way, the trailer shows off his many transformations, and Dragon Ball FighterZ now has almost all of them following the release of Kid Goku (GT).

Kid Goku (GT) follows the two previous Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters for season two, Jiren and Videl. With his release, the game only has three more DLC characters left to release throughout the rest of the season. These characters are Gogeta (SSB), Broly (DBS), and an as-yet unnamed character.