Titan Quest: Atlantis expansion takes players under the sea, brings graphical upgrades

The Titan Quest: Atlantis expansion has been released! After more than a decade on the market, THQ Nordic’s mythical action RPG has received a brand-new batch of content for players to enjoy. What’s more, this expansion brings with it some serious graphical upgrades that make things a heck of a lot prettier.

Titan Quest is a classically-styled action RPG set in Ancient Greece and the surrounding area — and when I say “classically”, I mean “the classics.” The Titans have escaped their imprisonment and are wreaking havoc across the land and it’s up to you to take them down before they destroy all of mankind! Build and customize a character from one of 28 different classes in your quest to save the ancient world from these foul beasts.

A batch of new content has been added in the Titan Quest: Atlantis expansion which was announced via a news post on the game’s Steam Community page and a press release. Unsurprisingly, players will be heading to the lost city of Atlantis in parties of up to 6 players. The new Tarturus Endless Mode is a wave-based challenge mode that has also been added to the game, giving players a new set of challenges to overcome that are spiced up with random elements.

There’s more to this expansion than just new content, though! Some neat graphical upgrades and quality-of-life improvements come along with your journey under the sea. SSAO and color grading will make this decade-old game look a little more modern. Quick cast, easier storage, and several other hotly-anticipated perks have also been added, making it a little easier for you and your friends to destroy the horrible mythical creatures that oppose you.

Check out the Titan Quest: Atlantis release trailer below to see an awesome cinematic buildup to this new expansion. You can buy the Atlantis expansion on Steam for $13.49 or your regional equivalent at a 10% launch discount. You’ll need the base game Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition to play it and you can grab it on Steam for $3.99, an 80% discount off of its regular retail price. The discount ends on May 13, 2019, so act fast!