Kill la Kill – If Ultimate Ryuko costume revealed among new skins

Prepare yourselves for the return of scissor blades, sexy clothing, and hardcore battles. The Kill la Kill – If ultimate Ryuko outfit was revealed by PQube, Arc System Works, and the legendary Studio Trigger today. The reveal came alongside some juicy details about the upcoming fighting game as well.

Kill la Kill – If, as shown in the announcement tweet, recreates the visuals and characters from the hot-blooded Studio Trigger anime, Kill la Kill. The story follows Ryuko Matoi as she embarks to learn the truth behind her father’s death. She enrolls in Honnouji Academy, in which special uniforms exist that bestow powers upon the wearers. Ryuko has one such uniform and battles other students with powers in her quest for justice.

Studio Trigger watched the development of Kill la Kill – If closely. The resulting game models and imagery successfully bring the world of Kill la Kill to life with the look and feel fans will likely enjoy. While the game has a completely new story mode of its own, there’s a special in-game treat for people who love the anime. Players have the option to recreate important fights from the show in the game, replaying the heated scenes and winning the battles their way.

Alongside standard fighting clothing, ultimates are unlockable within the game. Ryuko’s ultimate outfit was finally revealed to show the decked-out, confident fighter fans know Ryuko to be.

Being a fighting game, Kill la Kill – If offers a thorough multiplayer mode to pair with the single-player story mode. Players clash with their friends using iconic characters and on stages of their choice in Battle Mode. For those wanting to flex their fighting prowess, online play offers a ranked mode to pit competitive players against each other.

Kill la Kill – If comes to PC on July 25 and to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 26. Limited-edition copies including an artbook, soundtrack, and more will be available in Europe.