Caravan Stories North American release confirmed for July

It’s time to write your story. The Caravan Stories North American release has been confirmed. This free-to-play MMORPG will come to the PlayStation 4 this July, giving North American audiences a chance to enjoy the fantastical adventure.

Caravan Stories takes style cues from anime and has a fanbase of over two million in Japan. Set in the beautiful fantasy world of Iyarr, Caravan Stories allows players to explore the realm from their caravans, or portable fortresses. By teaming up with up to six allies, players can tactically arrange their crew to ensure victory over opponents. Whether engaging in open-world raids, crawling through dungeons, or simply admiring the world around them, players will have no shortage of stories from Iyarr.

Despite the outward tranquility, not all is well in Iyarr. While players can enjoy open-world exploration, a constant danger lurks in the shadows. A mysterious gate known only as the Enigma threatens to consume the land. You’ll befriend many memorable characters throughout the emotional storyline as you work to save Iyarr while crafting your own unique adventure.

As with most MMOs, the customization options allow players to feel connected to their avatars. Currently, there are five races available: ork, elf, human, gessy (humanoid animal), and dwarf. A sixth race, the lizardmen, will be available post-launch. Each race has unique attributes, appearances, and homelands, as well as depth and quirky charms. All of these can be fully appreciated by their individual race trailers.

Two outstanding qualities of Caravan Stories are immediately noticeable: The art style and the score. The vibrant colors and striking animation give the world of Iyarr life. The orchestral soundtrack provides moving, emotional songs that transform the game into a truly engaging story-based experience.

The soundtrack alone is enough to interest me in Caravan Stories, and being able to play as a roly-poly red panda is the cherry on top. Caravan Stories begins in open beta on July 16 and will be fully released July 23. What will your story be?