Skull and Bones delayed, Ubisoft working on 3 unannounced AAA titles

Pirate adventure game Skull and Bones has had its launch delayed again according to an announcement video on Twitter. Along with the announced delay, the video also revealed that Skull and Bones will not be appearing at E3 this year. However, Ubisoft dropped some tantalizing breadcrumbs to distract players from their hunger for more piracy.

In the announcement video, Skull and Bones producer Karl Luhe confirmed the release delay and mentioned that the game would not be at E3 2019. The decision came down to game quality, and the team wants to make Skull and Bones the best it can be upon launch. The video gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the details going into its production, including audio engineers setting sail with boom mics in hand.

Luhe took time to quell any potential fears by assuring audiences that Ubisoft was still fully devoted to Skull and Bones. He thanked the community for their support and promised to be back as soon as he can with more updates. For now, the team will “batten down the hatches” and set about making the game as amazing as possible. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before players can take to the high seas of the Indian ocean, captaining ships and seeking lost treasures. (Until then, at least we still have Sea of Thieves!)

Parallel to this announcement was an interesting discovery: Ubisoft seems to have been working on three unknown AAA titles. In a fiscal report, Ubisoft noted it aimed for “strong growth with 4 new AAA titles.” One of the titles, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, is no secret. The others have yet to be openly named.

According to the report, the new titles are scheduled for the fourth quarter of FY20. In theory, we can expect launches in early 2020. Perhaps Ubisoft will utilize E3 2019 to enlighten the gaming community and slake the now-piqued curiosity.