Sony’s Twisted Metal TV series reportedly in production

Rumors of Twisted Metal coming to television seem to be gaining some footing. In a recent investor relations meeting, Sony’s Twisted Metal TV series was allegedly confirmed to be in production. This move would tie in with Sony’s plans of adapting some of its games into movies and TV shows through its new production studio.

During a Q&A at the investor’s meeting, Sony Picture’s chairman Tony Vinciquerra reportedly confirmed that production had already begun on the Twisted Metal TV show. Assuming the rumors are true, it will be the first product by the company’s new PlayStation Productions division.

PlayStation Productions was created with the intention of bringing some of Sony’s extensive gaming catalog to life through other mediums. The team is led by 11-year Sony marketing veteran Asad Qizilbash. Rather than license the products to Hollywood, PlayStation Production aims to develop projects internally.

Twisted Metal would make for an interesting first attempt at a game-based TV series for the company. First released in 1995, the Twisted Metal series is, in essence, a demolition derby. The main focus of the games is vehicular combat within the titular “Twisted Metal” tournament. Drivers use cars, mechs, and weaponry to defeat their opponents and be deemed winners.

While each Twisted Metal game has its own overarching plot, they all gravitate around the aforementioned tournament. Players have everything to win since the last man standing by the end of the tournament is granted a single wish. However, phrasing is everything. There’s something to be said for the “be careful what you wish for” adage, as most winners will unfortunately learn.

Sony is in a good position to resurrect games in movie and TV format. Twisted Metal, which hasn’t seen a new game since 2012, would live up to everything the company is aiming for with PlayStation Productions. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to see if the rumors pan out.