Worse Than Death release time announced, available for iOS preorder

The newest game from Benjamin Rivers Inc. is finally on the horizon! The Worse Than Death release time was announced in a press release, and preorders for the iOS version are available now through the iOS app store. Worse Than Death will remain a mobile-exclusive until later in the summer.

Worse Than Death for iOS will cost a mere $3.99 and will release in June, giving mobile players a head start over other consoles. The PlayStation 4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Humble Store versions will be available later in the summer. Pricing and preorders for those versions of the game are yet to be determined.

This upcoming thriller release is the latest game from Toronto-based creator Benjamin Rivers. Worse Than Death is the third game from Rivers, who previously developed sci-fi romance game Alone With You as well as the critically-acclaimed and distinctly unsettling horror adventure Home. True to the styles of his first two games, Rivers put effort into the minimalistic aesthetic of Worse Than Death in order to allow more focus on the story of the game… and on staying alive.

The game is designed to shine even on mobile, making use of 3D positional audio. Regardless if players use headphones or not, they will feel the intended effects of the creepy audio. Much like Home, Worse Than Death utilizes intuitive, simplistic touch controls to add to player immersion. Additionally, all of the game’s high-res art was hand-drawn by Rivers himself.

Worse Than Death is described as “an emotional thriller about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong.” Players will have to keep their wits about them as they run and hide from terrifying enemies while trying to get to the bottom of a deep, dark mystery. Solve brain-teasers, try to save your best friend Flynn, and no matter what, live to tell the tale of the worst high school reunion ever.