DC Universe Online Switch version coming this Summer

Despite its age, Daybreak Game Company’s superhero MMO continues to spread to new platforms. The company has announced a DC Universe Online Switch port scheduled for this Summer.

DC Universe Online originally launched on PlayStation 3 and PC back in January 2011—almost a decade ago. The game later made its way to PlayStation 4 in 2013. In 2015, developer Sony Online Entertainment became the independent Daybreak Game Company. This lead to the game’s most recent port, the 2016 Xbox One version.

Considering the game’s age, some may be surprised that WB Games and Daybreak are porting DC Universe Online to Nintendo Switch. However, the game continues to hold a sizeable playerbase. Daybreak also continues to update the game with new features and content.

Additionally, DC Universe Online is one of the few games with cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC. Daybreak actually rolled out this feature in 2016, making it one of the first games to have it (alongside Street Fighter V which came out on the same year).

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that the Nintendo Switch version will feature cross-platform play as well. The Xbox One version of the game does not feature cross-platform play whatsoever, after all.

That said, the ability to play an massively multiplayer online RPG on the go may be a compelling reason on its own to pick up this new port. The Nintendo Switch currently has no true MMORPGs in its library. In addition to this, the only other big MMORPG in development for the system, Dragon Quest XI, does not yet have a release date in the West.

With the system’s lack of MMORPGs in mind, the upcoming DC Universe Online Switch port could help fill a gap in the system’s library. The Switch release could satisfy any Switch owners looking to play this kind of game on Nintendo’s hybrid system. Of course, there’s also the game’s unique premise to consider. After all, what other MMO lets players be a super hero or super villain in the DC Universe?