Katana Zero save corruption a danger in new Nintendo Switch update

It appears that there is some danger of Katana Zero save corruption if you’re recently updated a game. Developers, publishers, and console manufacturers all work together in order to ensure that updates to games are robust and won’t cause any problems, but it appears that a build has slipped through the cracks for the Nintendo Switch. This new build of the game isn’t ready for prime time just yet and it carries a risk of save corruption, although the problem is thankfully reversible.

“Please don’t update Katana ZERO on Switch,” the developer stated in a recent tweet. “This update is not supposed to be live yet and it will corrupt your save file. This will be fixed immediately.”

Several users in the Twitter thread are reporting that they had already updated their games, some of whom are lamenting the fact that they had set up their Nintendo Switch to automatically download updates. Some were worried about any Katana Zero save corruption as the updated build of the game presents a worrying message. Once you’ve updated the game, attempting to load your save will tell you that your data has been corrupted.

Thankfully, your data isn’t actually corrupted. It would be more accurate to say that there is something wrong with the update itself. (As the developer said in his first tweet, this particular update is not supposed to be live yet.) It’s also entirely possible to restore your game to its previous state and pick up right where you left off with no permanent damage done.

“Clarification – updating the game will not delete your save,” the developer continued in a subsequent tweet. “If you boot the updated version, the game will say that your save file is corrupted and ask if you want to reset it. If you don’t reset it, then you’ll be fine.”

“Your save file will be safe as long as you don’t choose to reset progress after booting,” he clarified in a further response.

Fortunately, Askiisoft has already fixed the bug that caused players to worry about Katana Zero save corruption. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a bit of a wait while Nintendo checks over the update and gets it sent out to players. “Your save file is not actually corrupted. As long as you don’t reset your save, it’ll work in the next patch,” a tweet said on the game’s official account. “There will be a cheat code in the next patch to instantly beat the game, allowing you to recover progress if you’ve already reset your save.”