Rumor: Fortnite partnership with Rubiu5 hinted at

There was a flurry of concern as Twitter users thought the official Fortnite Twitter account may have been hacked. The account retweeted a mysterious picture posted by Spanish YouTuber Rubiu5. Rumors immediately cropped up about what it could mean if it was real, hinting at a potential Fortnite partnership with Rubiu5.

Before the odd tweet, the official Fortnite Twitter already made a mistake in retweeting a Destiny quote. The tweet was soon deleted, but caused people to think there may be something fishy going on with the account. However, that mistaken tweet was likely caused by an excited Fortnite admin forgetting to logout of the official page and switch to their own. Twitter plugin Tweetdeck makes it easy for social media admins to switch from their professional accounts to personal accounts. In all likelihood, someone simply retweeted to the wrong account. Hey, everyone makes mistakes.

So taking that aside, what’s with the strange retweet that followed?

The original tweet was posted by Rubiu5, a famous Spanish YouTuber. While he doesn’t have much of a following in English-speaking countries, Rubiu5 has 12.7 million followers on Twitter and over 30 million YouTube subscribers. He also holds the record for the most viewers in a gaming live stream, where a Fortnite tournament had over one million viewers at its peak.

Clearly, we’re meant to expect some big news on May 29. As for what the news could be, people can only speculate. Lucas7Yoshi, a high schooler who became famous for being a dependable Fortnite leaker, was stumped and tweeted about his confusion over the situation. A veteran game journalist, Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, had something to say about the Lucas7Yoshi’s attitude toward the revealing tweet.


A potential partnership between Fortnite and this powerhouse of a YouTuber could lead to some very exciting times ahead in the Fortnite and esports world. For now, we can only wait and see how things unfold.