Death Stranding pre-order bonuses leaked ahead of reveal

After years of teases, snippets, and lots of production photos from Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding seems to be appearing out of the woodworks for all to see. It is scheduled for a new trailer and/or release date today, May 29. It appears, however, as though the Death Stranding pre-order bonuses have been leaked ahead of the official reveal. We’ve got the full details on pre-order bonuses for Death Stranding below, unfortunately, however, they give very little away about the mysterious game.

Courtesy of Twitter user Troy Kaz, we know that the Death Stranding pre-order bonuses have been leaked onto the PSN Store ahead of today’s reveal event. Whether or not this was done by accident or not, we’ll never know. As it was an ad on the PSN Store, however, it can be assumed that this is the real deal.

You can see a direct-feed image of the Death Stranding PSN pre-order ad below:

Death Stranding pre-order bonuses

As you can see in the above image, the Death Stranding pre-order bonuses are golden cosmetic items. These will unlock as you progress through the game’s story. You will apparently be able to dress up in Gold Sunglasses, wear a Gold Armor Plate, put on a Gold Hat, and equip a Gold Speed Skeleton if you pre-order the game. You’ll also unlock a PS4 Dynamic Theme and a Chibi Ludens PSN Avatar. There is no picture of either the Dynamic Theme or Chibi Ludens PSN Avatar, however.

Unfortunately, the leaked PSN Store Death Stranding pre-order ad doesn’t mention a release date. It does seem likely, however, that we will learn of its release date later today. To watch the mysterious new Death Stranding video, head on over to PlayStation’s Twitch page. The Countdown to Death Stranding appears to be nearing its conclusion. Hopefully, we learn of the Death Stranding release date and more today.