Death Stranding Twitch livestream launched ahead of reveal

Death Stranding Twitch livestream has kicked off ahead of the game’s reveal. After years of waiting and a bunch of trailer footage that an entire team of scientists couldn’t make sense of, we’re finally going to learn more about Hideo Kojima’s latest project.

“Countdown for Death Stranding is on,” stated a tweet from Hideo Kojima. “Stay tuned -5/29 in US/EU, 5/30 in JPN time zone. Simultaneous reveal worldwide TOMORROW IS IN YOUR HAND!” The tweet also included an image with the text “Tomorrow is in your hands”, a likely tagline for this upcoming game.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Death Stranding is the next game from Hideo Kojima. It stars a number of popular actors and actresses like Norman Reedus and Léa Seydoux with expertly-crafted character models. More than a few trailers have been released in the last few years, but we’ve learned surprisingly little about the game in that time.

Here’s what we do know: Death Stranding will be an open world game. Norman Reedus is carrying a baby in a jar for some reason. There will be some sort of light world and dark world that you travel between somehow. Finally, there’s a bunch of black goop everywhere and super-creepy invisible creatures that are seemingly detected by these sort of flapper/flashlight devices attached to a robotic arm on your back.

The Death Stranding Twitch livestream is currently live, showing a series of images that are mostly obscured by blackness save for a constantly-shifting array of transparent handprints. The imagery in the pre-stream is consistent with earlier teasers posted to Kojima’s Twitter account:

While the Death Stranding Twitch livestream is certainly the big news for today, it’s not the only bit of info that’s dropped. Details of the pre-order bonuses for the game were accidentally revealed early and a quick-thinking gamer managed to snap a picture of what you’ll get for pre-ordering Death Stranding.

Hopefully, today’s stream will finally tell us what the game is all about. Then again, I’ve played through Metal Gear Solid 2 about half a dozen times and I still have no idea what’s going on in that game. You can watch the Death Stranding Twitch livestream below or at Stay tuned for the big reveal later today!