Battlefield 5 Frontlines and Domination playlists are going away

In a surprising update on the Battlefield 5 Reddit, DICE announced that the Battlefield 5 Frontlines and Domination game modes are being removed as of this week. The move upset fans, to say the least, who responded with large swaths of criticism in the comments. DICE claimed it was due to the lower popularity of the modes, saying it would rather focus on bettering the more popular offerings.

The Reddit post outlined a few announcements regarding the content in Battlefield 5. The biggest news upset was the almost complete removal of Frontline and Domination game modes. Fans were annoyed, to put it mildly, and expressed their frustration at some of their favorites being taken away for allegedly being less popular. Some fans asked to see the data indicating the lower popularity, which DICE claimed it based its decision on.

In Frontline, players in two teams fight to capture flag objectives from each other one at a time. Each capture unlocks the next point closer to the enemy base, causing both teams to push back in forth in bloody tug-of-war. When the last flag is captured, the enemy base opens and becomes vulnerable to explosives.

Domination mode is a bit more haphazard in many ways. Players respawn randomly on the map. There are no bases. It’s infantry-focused and requires both skill and teamwork to win. By taking objectives from your enemy, you limit their respawns until they won’t be coming back anymore.

Not all hope is entirely lost, however. Frontlines will continue to exist in Grand Operations, where it will be paired with other game modes as standard for a GO session. According to the Reddit post, DICE is “exploring the possibility of redesigning Frontlines and reintroducing it at a later time” and we should hear an update on that decision in June.  As for Domination, DICE suggests fans move to Squad Conquest. The game mode has similarities to Domination and will expand to include new maps over the summer.

Frontlines and Domination may be available in future weekly game mode rotations or through Tides of War. Both will also remain available for Private Games, but their future in online multiplayer looks questionable.