Dead By Daylight Scream’s Ghostface DLC announced

The new Dead By Daylight Scream‘s Ghostface DLC trailer reveals that the villain from Wes Craven’s horror-comedy franchise is coming to the game. The horror movie-obsessed killer fits perfectly in this game that revels in the genre’s tropes and conventions.

The Scream movies feature protagonists who aren’t the run of the mill, dumb horror movie victims. Rather, they’ve seen just about every horror movie on the block, and are well aware of the genre’s tropes. That said, Ghostface knows just as much, or maybe even more, about horror movies as the heroes do.

The self-aware nature of the franchise makes these films some of the most entertaining horror movies to watch. The way the films play with the genre’s tropes makes them work on multiple levels, giving them their comedy aspect, while still maintaining the tension needed for a slasher film.

The new trailer doesn’t really show what Ghostface can do in Dead By Daylight. What it does, however, is capture some of the horror-comedy tone of the Scream films. That said, its highly likely that Ghostface’s horror movie knowledge will play into his abilities somehow.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Dead By Daylight has dabbled in horror comedy. The game’s previous DLC character was none other than Ash from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise.

From the looks of it, Ghostface won’t the last DLC character coming to Dead By Daylight either. Behaviour Interactive is hosting a Year 3 Anniversary Livestream on Friday, May 31. As part of this, the company will talk more about the game’s Year 4 DLC, of which Ghostface is simply the first. At the very least, fans should get confirmation of whether or not Ghostface is coming alone, or if he’ll be included with a new map for players to try to survive through the night in.